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OTEC School of Journalism and Communication Studies (OSJC) affiliated to Institute of Commercial Management (I.C.M, UK), and affiliated to National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX).

The school believes that students should have a practical and educational experience which equips them with knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in today’s complex business world. To provide our students with such an educational and practical experience, we will carefully take them through an extensive theory and practical training. The Motto of the School is HOME of TALENT.

Such education aims at empowering students to recognize and solve real-life problems, to set their own goals and to act accordingly in a wide field of human endeavor.

This Academic Handbook is designed to acquaint the students with the OSJC, Kumasi, and to provide information relating the academic rules and regulations and study conditions. It is, therefore important for all students to own copies of this handbook and thoroughly read the rules and regulations stated in it.

This Academic handbook outlines the founding of OSJC, Kumasi; its vision, mission, programme, rules and regulations governing student’s admission, registration, student’s assessment, and examination, course numbering codes and transcripts of academic record.

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