Project Description

News Reporting And Writing III

(Specialized News writing)
1. Reporting from the Beat. i) What is beat reporting; ii) Who is a beat reporter; iii) Types of Beats; iv) Principles of Reporters on a Beat
2. Specialized Reporting: i) Who is a specialized reporter; ii) Personal qualities; iii) online reporting / qualities
3. Science and Technology reporting: i) Issues for science and Technology coverage, qualities of a good science and technology report.
4. Reporting Sports i)Role of a sports reporter, qualities of sources of information for a sports reporter, checklist for a sports reporter:
5. Writing News reports: Storytelling (Why and how), lead and nut graph, analytical and explanatory writing, value addition; comparative style of different newspapers and their personalities.
6. Reporting crime and the courts: i) crime; ii) Disaster; iii) Accidents; iv) Fire; v) obituary reporting; vi) effective court reporting.
7. The Radio Documentary: i) Types of documentary; ii) actuality documentary insert; iii) A word about documentary narration.
8. Radio Magazine Programme: Types of a magazine, general radio magazine, and the written or fully scripted document. The use of music, the job of the producer.
9. Radio Documentary Programme Formats: Outline for a radio programme; Magazine programme format.
10. The Telephone Interview: Planning and Broadcast interview, questions for a beginner; what do during the interviews; Losing control of the interview.
11. Radio broadcast: i) selecting stories and starting to write ii) The PAGE test.
12. Parliamentary Reporting.

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